Equality Matters

Our September Event was in partnership with MUV Talks on “Equality Matters”. A topic SheSharp relates to very deeply. The event was split into two sections with first half we were inspired by amazing speakers and the second half was led by SheSharp with hands-on workshop. The speakers in the first half were Amelia Lockley (Code Club all star and Youtuber), Frances Ams (Executive Director, Rainbow Youth), Dr. Siouxsie Wiles (Associate Professor, University of Auckland) and Sam Penfold (Information Security Analyst, Orion Health). These speakers talked about why equality matters to them and how they stick by it through the great causes they are part of.

The second half was led by a workshop by SheSharp where event attendees were required to think about inequalities seen in technology and come up with solutions that enable greater equality through the use of tech!

Great solutions were presented, and we were delighted to see the support shown by the audience towards a cause we are extremely passionate about.
Thank you MUVTalks for this opportunity it sure was delighting to join hands to spread the word on why #equalitymatters.

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